Dension Gateway 500BT


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Dec 28, 2011
I've fitted this to my 2006 (facelift) E320CDi and it works (ish). I have COMAND fitted too and an unused factory-fit UHI phone cradle under the centre are.

The problem I get (and I'm not 100% convinced that its not just the Dension software being crap) is that the whole set-up is very clunky and slow when operating. It occasionally freezes the whole system and, for example, I can be listening to my iPhone music when its connected to the sytem (either by BT or the cable) and, without any reason, the phone function suddenly will show a call in progress on the screen BUT connected to my own mobile (?!) When you look at the phone, you then find that its NOT making any call at all. "Ending" the call on the COMAND unit sometimes gets rid of it, sometimes makes the system freeze. Dension won't answer any of my emails (great). I happened to notice on their website that they've just updated their printed installation instructions to now include a section about the phone and they tell you that the factory fitted phone can cause conflict so "disconnect it".

Now what I want to know is, is this simply a case of going to the UHI box in the boot and disconnecting it from the MOST (looping/bypassing)? Or is this likely to cause other problems?

I've got the latest Dension sw on the system. Could it be that my car needs to be plugged onto the STAR machine and have different coding / something switch on/off?

Any assistance would by gratefully received!



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