Dension Ice Link and JVC/Becker Traffic pro set up

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Apr 7, 2004
Virton, Belgium
W209 CLK220CDI
Well, actually it's the JVC KD-NX1R (Traffic Pro 4210 I think with a JVC badge) that I have fitted in my A class. I just received the Dension ICE Link today to hook up my iPod to the head unit. The iPod is charging and I can play it through the head unit using the AUX setting, so most of the connection functionality is working properly.
However, the Dension ICE Link overrides the iPod controls -- and neither the AUX nor the CD setting on the head unit show the forward/reverse/disc controls, so I can't use the head unit to control the iPod, nor can I use the iPod to control the iPod unless I disconnect it (if you see what I mean).
Does anyone else have any experience of setting up the Dension with this kind of head unit who could point me towards a solution?

EDIT: THis is just to close this off, lest anyone else have the same problem. It seems that the JVC unit, even though it is a rebadged Becker, does not use exactly the same CD changer protocol, and it was this that was causing the problem. The JVC protocolis not supported at this time by Dension. Swapping the JVC for a "real" Becker unit solved the problem (and lightened my wallet).
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