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  1. derbyman

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    Jul 27, 2012
    c220 cdi
    Can anyone help Please. C220 CDI 2006 (W203) Coupe.
    For the last 2 months the car goes into limp mode after 8-12 miles.
    Starts 1st time and run's and accelerates fine after a rest.
    Faults showing on STAR diag. 2632-8 Charge pressure to High
    2510-1 Y100 Positioner Signals Fault
    Replaced complete fuel rail and sensors, fuel filter,oil filter and air filter.
    Replaced Turbo actuator and circuit board and MAF.
    Could someone show me where the EGR valve is on this model.
    No particle filter on this model (could it be a faulty Cat.)
    Garage assures me there are no split hoses.
    PLEASE HELP. Running out of ideas,money and patience.

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