Designo `water` interior wood finish

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Nov 16, 2005
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ok its not ebay but...

Mercedes : E280 V6 Avantgarde (Designo) *79k FSH* *AMG Styling* + *Fully Loaded*

I have only ever seen this finish once and it was on an interior set for sale years ago on ebay, its a bit marmite but I think its great,

apart from the MAF and the copy wheels it seems an ok car although I have not gone over it with a fine tooth comb, I think the exterior colour suits the 210 as well,
It's called designo Labrador Blue Pearl stone or something similarly strange. Certainly striking and very rare.
That is in very nice condition externally. Could I live with the inside, perhaps not.

Looks like the seller looks after his car.
I love that car,it's been for sale for a good while.Maybe is waiting for me to go for it
So d w210. There comes a time in every mans life!!
This one has been on sale for a while deffo looks in good nick. A shame about the fake wheels, im pretty sure it had genuine ones before !
Looks like it's missing the AMG rear bumper
That is the correct pre-facelift AMG rear bumper aint it :confused:

Yes it is maybe it looks different because there is no AMG exhaust :dk:

That car has been around for ages I like the exterior colour not that sure about the interior but at that price and in that condition I guess it's worth it :thumb:
Already checking insurance. Will give the guy a call later and sounds like a trip to London for me
Guys I am considering buying this. What should I look out for when I buy one of these
Check all the electrics function as there are a lot of them on this one but mainly on W210's would be rust !
Nice looking car but the "Top of steering wheel ripped due to wear" sounds odd when its only done 79K miles. Might be the rip was caused by someone's teeth, in an accident, or perhaps its actually done a few more miles than stated?
Before you leave home, get the logbook reference number and registration plate and carry out a mileage/previous MOT history check. It should give an indication of whether the car has been clocked.

Also, ask the seller if the service history consists of just a stamped booklet, or does it come with a batch of receipts? If it is the former, I would be very cautious.

Finally, text the registration of the car to 83600 and it will give you a mini HPI check for the cost of a heart stopping £3.50!

The above checks can be done at home before you waste time and money travelling to London.

Whenever I go to buy a car, this is the minimum number of checks I do.

I hope this helps.

Ps. Goodluck. Car looks nice.
I just re-read the advert. It states,

"Brand new MOT as of this week on 25/07/11".

It looks as though the car was advertised elsewhere and has been for sale for about a month. So there is plenty of room for negotiation. Offer low to start off with.

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