Detailed the Bug (Photo Heavy)


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Jun 10, 2008
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As many of you know I managed to get a VW Beetle for JSWMBO and I promised her when I had time I would detail it for her. Well yesterday presented the opportunity as I had a training course cancelled so took the day off.

So I went with the boys on the VW/Audi Forum and here's what I used. Mostly Auto Finesse products. So washed the car and then clayed and all iron contamination removed (Iron out) then two stage paint correction using Rejuvinate Polish 2 and 3, the Poorboys white diamond glaze followed by EXP Sealant and then 2 x coats of Swissvax Best of Show wax (Courtesy of my Nephew ;) )

SO heres the results which I am very pleased with.


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