diagnostic codes u0700 &u0b00

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Jan 7, 2008
s320 cdi 03 facelift model
hello ,I have a s320cdi and when accelerating hard I get the check engine light and loss of power .if I restart all is well ,I used a genden code reader and got codes u0700 and u0b00 lve been searching on the internet but no info , can anyone help . thanks
I'm sure neither of those codes are Mercedes or Generic OBDII codes.
What does the gendan code system say they are.?

At a guess the problem is a stuck turbo actuator.

Have you tried asking Gendan.
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I went to their website but they don't have the info on these codes . the genden machine had no interpretation. can I take of the turbo and free it as it goes well most of the time also could it be the air mass sensor . thanks by the way car is 52 plate facelift model
Check teh actuator arm is moving the turbo vane ring. There is a special grease for the shaft as they stick. In addition check the motor under the inlet manifold is moving the intake flaps fully.

It might be worth having a proper MB Star diagnostic performed.
I'm sure columbo knows what these codes mean he always gets there eventually ... thanks
problem solved , new pierburg air mass sensor . more power and better fuel economy .fault codes didn't make sense to a merc specialist maybe genden machine fault ......thanks for input dieselman
Nice cheap fix. For info you can measure the voltage produced by the MAF as a diagnostic aid. It should be approximately 2v at idle and 4.8 at full chat under boost.

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