Did someone get a lot of car for their money?

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Feb 5, 2008
NW London
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I was watching this auction for the past week and pretty interesting to see the price it went for.
Yes it is quite an old car with a lot of mileage and no leather but i think someone got quite a bit of car for their money.


For those who have more experience with W124s and their prices, what can i expect to pay for a 1993 e220 onwards coupe with under 80k and leather?
Sounds like someone has got a good deal - usual passenger window and radio not working - but for little over a grand.... not a bad deal!
It looks like a pretty good price for the car, but if you start to add it up - it's a 150k+ mile E220, with no history, no leather, no air con or other extras (eg e/seats etc).

Few faults like the faulty window, stereo, aerial is stuck etc. Driver's seat worn, etc.

To it's credit, the body look very clean, and you've got a nice enough set of wheels there for a car of this price.

So long as it's mechanically sound, if I'd paid the auction price for it, I'd be quite happy :)


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