Diesel dripping out

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Nov 3, 2009
e300 turbodiesel avantgarde
hi all, i have diesel dripping(slowly) from a black pipe a the rear o/s just behind the wheel, and just below the filler, is this an overflow pipe from the filler or is there too much diesel somewhere and its expelling it? if you know please let me know and if you have a cure then please tell. thanks, this is a great site.
Did this happen just after a fill up?
Is it just the drian from the filler neck?
no, it happens, all through the tank of diesel, when i park somewhere i feel like a dog marking its territory....the drip really is a small drip, its not phisically running out but every few days theres a taste that drips and i think that now ive noticed it im looking for it all the time, its more annoying than anything else. i would say that i loss around 30-40ml per tank.
whats the WVO that you run on that you mention in your post andy?

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