Different wheel bolts? (X254)

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Sep 14, 2004
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So I wanted to fit winter tyres... and stupidly assumed that the ML wheels would fit the GLC as they are both 19" rims.

When it came around to actually putting them on, I realized that the bolts from the GLC wheels (19", AMG x254) are so long that the ML rims aren't held on.

So three questions...

1. Does anyone know if the offset has changed in the last few years? The bolt spacing is still the same.
2. Assuming the offset is different (purely an assumption), how can I check that these will fit? (short of fittin them and spinning them - which I guess I could do)
3. Any idea what bolts I need to get them to fit?

SWMBO took the car, so I cannae post pics right now... but will do later.
Look on www.alloywheelsdirect.net, you'll find info re wheels, offsets, bolt sizes etc.
Sadly they don;t have the X254 on their fitting chart - Mercedes-Benz Fitting Chart and Wheel Fitment Guide | Alloy Wheels Direct (that's the first place I tried given the sticky ;) )

On the rim selector, they do, but not the AMG (which I believe has bigger brakes, thus making 19" the smallest rims that can be fitted). Either way, I can't see information on the rim selector...

Still waiting for her to get home, so that I can take a wheel off and have a peek... the ones I'm trying to fit are:
8.5J x 19H2 ET34,5 (A218 401 0402) - front
9.5J x 19H2 ET48 (A218 401 0502) - rear

Just for sanity - I have a set from the other merc that are 9.5Jx20H2 ET55...

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