dimming rvm and illuminated sun visors

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Sep 28, 2005
Standish, Lancs
c200 diesel estate avantgarde SE
Have a 1998 facelift c240 elegance which doesnt have either of the above

has anyone got a list of the parts required to fit these ?

The Illuminated Sun visors and rear view mirror are best sourced second hand, as the RVM is in the region of £350 and the visors around £70ish each from MB.
You will also need a loom for the power for the sunvisors, about £20 from MB, as my donor car was biege so I needed different colour clip covers.
It will only take approx 15-20 minutes to do both mods.
Have you thought about puddle lights in the front doors? very easy mod to do, and cheap too.
I might be able to sort out a grey dimming mirror, and visors and loom for you, as someone I know has been trying to sell them, I,ll mail him later to see if he has still got them, and will let you know.

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