Dipstick length

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Nov 11, 2016
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My C55 AMG 2006 has no dipstick (my wife says it has one behind the steering wheel, but I can't -for the life of me- find it :rolleyes:)

I am old skool when it comes to oil level management and am quite happy for the MB installed level checking system to keep me informed about the engine oil level but there is a part of me that says that I need to check it with MK1 eyeball every now and again.

Question is , when I look on line to find a dipstick to purchase I just get confused with all of the (mis) information I see about the type required.

There seems to be much confusion about the dipstick length/type for the ATF in the gearbox and the sump oil in the engine.

All I want to know is how long the dipstick needs to be for the ENGINE oil in a 2006 C55 AMG.

Anyone ? :confused:
Have a look at the Sealey website, they list dip sticks for oil and atf for most MBs

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