Discs and pads

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Jan 14, 2008
How much am I looking at for discs and pads to be changed by an MB dealer, my car has the sport pack so they're drilled up front.
Best call up 2-3 local dealers to compare prices, then call back your nearesr dealer and ask if they will price match your best offer.

Though changing discs and pads are not difficult jobs, so I'd just get a local indi or MB specialist to do it for a considerable saving.
I went to Olly in Portsmouth for mine...much cheaper than MB..
I went to Olly in Portsmouth for mine...much cheaper than MB..

That's where i am going Friday - B Service, SS Braided Hoses and Redstuff pads.
who is olly!!..my car is due a service B in 1800 miles..

PM BlackC55 = Olly PCS

Mercedes and Smart specialist/independent Portsmouth
I NEVER compromise on quality
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£350 give or take. . . This is on a 2000 C240 Sport, I know cause I rang up today to get mine done. . :) not drilled though??

£200 Indie specialist (Stockport) using OEM parts.. £170 for Euro standard parts.

£180 My local garage (great bloke) OEM parts. .

Booked my local
I keep hearing from various sources that you need to service your car at a merc dealership otherwise you loose some kind of rust proof warranty.

Clearly a cunning way to keep business booming.
Thanks for the advice everyone, I've contacted a specialist not too far away and I'm just waiting for a price.

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