Distronic radar inoperative

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Dec 15, 2023
Mercedes C class 220 premium plus 4Matic
Hello everyone, with a heavy heart i am writing this post and i will be extremely grateful for any help. I bought a cat S car ( my bad ) C class premium plus w205 the issue is that distronic was problematic.
I took it to a benz specialist who said the front radar sensors are problematic, i spent 1500£ to get them sorted. After 2 weeks the distronic stopped working and took it to the same garage who said that now the main front radar is problematic as there is no communication between the radar and the system. And has quoted me another 2000£ the part number is A0009007907 that costs 1270£+vat. There are plenty of used radars on ebay with price between 200-350£ however they're not sure if they'd be able to code that. Does anyone has any idea if there is any solution for this? Or is it possible to get my current radar fixed or is it gone? Thanks

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