Distronic retrofit?

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Oh, bl**dy hell, I suppose I'd better RTFM and find out why the first owner paid £1700 for this thing that I've never used......
I used Distronic all the time and was one of the features most missed on my new car, next one will defo have it! Linguatronic is something I retrofitted on my last w211 but never used it, current one has it from factory... again never used it.

Retrofits aren't really for resale, everyday tools ... or just as a hobby!
Alps, If you miss Distronic on you're current E55 why don't you retro fit it, to be honest it was one of the easier retro fits I have done on my 55.
It will be more expensive to fit now... not so many used parts in the market lately.
I have Distronic Plus and will never have another car without it! I can do 1K miles a week some weeks and have been able to travel a couple of hundred miles a stint without any thought of go or stop! Also, having spent many hours on the M4 and M25 in the usual crawl its brilliant for traffic management. As for MPG - 3ltr V6d and I can get back 42mpg (brim to brim) which i think is stunning for two tonnes plus of steel!

Not sure how I would feel about a retrofit.....you need to trust this to stop you! I have seen radar's on ebay for about £600 so the parts are available used.

NET - if you can have it fitted well and dont mind the spend - one of the best MB extras available.
The distronic version on the older vehicles has differences to the later distronic Plus you have fitted to you're car.
The distronic on the 211, 219 will only brake to a specific level and if a greater level of braking is required then the system alerts you via a proximity alarm for you to take over and brake harder, and it can only brake you down to 20mph.
Distronic plus will brake you to a stop I believe.
A lot of talk about should you, would you, why would you, has anybody got any tips on how to do it? That would be nice..
I've grown to love mine - initially on French trips but now in UK. I drove 150 miles from London to Powis, Wales the other day and had it on for 95% of the time. Massively relaxing and I got 31mpg which is pretty amazing for a fully loaded up 5.5.

You should be able to do the same with a standard cruise control.

I retro-fitted because not many W211’s came with this option ticked. So now I have this amazing toy I can use on the motorways.

Me too. It's called cruise control, and every Mercedes I've ever had has had it.

Distronic is excellent for average speed cameras.

So too is standard cruise control.

I just don't 'get' Distronic. Cruise control, yes, on motorways and dual carriageways, but I'm quite content to concentrate enough on what I'm doing to know if I need to brake or not, and to look beyond the car immediately in front to anticipate developments.

It may be an age thing; you don't miss what you've never had. I've never had a tattoo, and I don't miss that either... :D
It’s called not having to worry about varying speed in traffic. The car will automatically adjust the vehicle’s speed and distant, which basic cruise control cannot do.

Try it out in a test vehicle and you will realise the difference between Distronic and standard cruise control.
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A lot of talk about should you, would you, why would you, has anybody got any tips on how to do it? That would be nice..
This is the guide I used years ago.

It’s called not having to worry about varying speed in traffic.

I know what Distronic does; I just don't have a need for it. I don't have a problem with varying speed in traffic; it must be the way I drive...

I have a similar lack of need for Parktronic; I can comfortably get into parking spaces which it won't attempt. Traditional parking sensors all round are a different matter, and a reversing camera is even better.
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