DIY Alternator lead what gauge wires?


Mar 16, 2016
89 Mercedes 230e
After months of my 230e playing up not charging the battery I have finally found out why

I want to repair this myself but need a little advice and a list of things I need?

In short it's my alternator lead,the exciter wire has a break in it causing an open circuit it literally makes or breaks with 1mm movement

Plan is to replace either the whole exciter wire or possibly the whole lead?

I think its broken because of strain and its barely just long enough

there really needs to be a little extra wire so its not strained:crazy:

Ive ordered a new 3 pin alternator plug I just need to know what gauge wire I need for the two output wires and for the exciter wire?

Also what size lugs etc for the other end where the lead terminates at a junction box on the inner wing?

I don't really want to go to Mercedes as I can imagine a replacement lead will be a horrendous price and be a little tightwad in length just like the original ;)

Car hasn't moved for over a month because of this issue its high time I got it back on the road :bannana:


Jodie :)
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