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    Nov 26, 2006
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    I think I just turned one so to speak... after months of procrastination (and a lot of work work....) we've have launched into Junior B's bedroom... we stripped it this weekend and having left the office at 6.30, I've just taped and jointed the insulated plasterboard we fitted to the end wall.. Tomorrow is sanding and more filling and hopefully carpet buying by Mrs B.. then lining paper, decorations and new light and switch plates. The room is tiny, but I'm feeling pretty pleased with myself...

    After 2 years of living in a part refurbed flat - it was a tip when we moved in with 18 years of bad diy and crap decor, we stripped the flat got new plastering, some electrics, some plumbing, a new kitchen, floors sanded, part decorated in bits, some of it whilst working from a bedroom :eek:, all of it through Mrs B's pregancy and 9 months of Junior B... - I have stumbled on a new trick..

    Close the door* to the room when you've finished the job in hand and life returns to normal... :)

    Bring on the bathroom!


    *this has been tricky so far as we only have 4 existing internal doors and two of those don't fit the frames :rolleyes::D

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