Do MB dealers sell second-hand parts?

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Aug 31, 2010
I make the assumption that dealers and their service parts shops have on ocassions been requested to remove parts and eqipment from various models of cars to complete an upgrade (as opposed to the common replacement of a faulty item).
Where does the non faulty swap-outs get sold?

Alternatively are there 'breaker' shops in the south of England (with a good reputation for quality second hand stuff). I'm trying to avoid Ebay as the kit I'm after tends to only come from Eastern Block countries and their star rating tends to be less than 100%!!!!!
What sort of stuff are you after ?
Buy a used car from an MB dealer and all parts in that car are second hand, aren't they?

There are refurbished parts officially available, I would not count those as second hand parts, should I?
Many dealers sell old stock or ex-demo/second hand stock on ebay
Quite a few of them do have things like alloy wheels , or indeed steel wheels , left over after customers have upgraded .

The dealership is most unlikely to sell such items officially , but if you get to know the parts staff , sometimes such items can be bought 'from the back door' .
I work for a dealer and can say nothing is ever sold offically over the counter second hand. BUT as said sometimes stuff will appear on ebay lol
Generally there isnt really many second hand to sell really only as mention abover steel rims really unless a vehicle is broken up on reason or another or parts upgrads ie grilles etc but agin these would go on a ebay shop not out the front door.

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