Do these wheels/tyres fit?? Read this first! Offset/fitment answers within..

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Chris Murray

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Mar 11, 2005
The link below is to a pdf chart of all the wheel and tyre combinations as fitted by Mercedes, AMG, Brabus and Carlsson.

If you are wondering if a particular tyre size is suitable, or if a certain rim size/offset will fit, then it is a single place to check. If one of the tuning companies hasn't attempted it, then it's an indication that it might not be such a good idea!

It is periodically updated and if you have and documentation for new vehicles or perhaps a scan from the tyre page of the manual from older models (113/107/109/124/201), I will update it!

Lastly, please make this a sticky post!
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Question to confirm

I am considering buying some AMG wheels for my w208 CLK Conv.

18" 8.5j wth ofset 35. Now the tyres these particular wheels are 215/45R18W

looking at the document I am a bit confused (okay does not take much) so do I buy with these brand new tyres or not??

Hi Everyone

I bought these Alloy wheels 2nd hand from a shop. but after buying & fitting them I was told that they are from an S-class mercedes so they used 5mm universal spacers & 50mm bolts on the front to make them fit. The back ones were fitted without spaces & just using standard bolts. My friend say's 5mm makes it sit too close but 10mm will make the wheels stick out.

The car feels a bit shaky at 50mph

I really like the wheels so want to keep them.

Can anyone tell me what size spacers & bolts I will need & where I can get them from?


The wheels are 18x8.5 ET44.
You haven't said which car they are going on, so I will assume it's a 202!
You'll need 225/40R18 tyres and 10-13mm spacers with M12x1.5x55R14 bolts.
Fitting kit 2 or 3 from here:
Universal spacers are a nightmare and quite frankly should be made illegal, and I'll bet the bolts you have are R12 and not R14 as the wheels require.
Oh sorry. Its on a W202, is it not going to stick out with 10mm spacer? & what spacer do you use. I take it I hav to get the fitting kit 2 for £160.00. How much will it be with locking wheel nuts or does it come with it?


17" AMG 8.5j on w208 conv

Am i okay with these wheels dressing them with 225/45/17 front and 245/40/17 on the rear?

Only worried slightly as all four wheels are 8.5j.

What are the Uniroyal tyres against Goodyear?
A-AvantGarde said:
The link at the start of this appears to be dead now. Chris has changed the name of the company to Alloy Wheels Direct, the new link appears to be:

Do I get a discount for finding the new link :D
What would you like a discount on ;)
link changed!
Yep they are the real thing. Now that the link works (Thanks!!) it suggests my theory of the 225/40 and 245/45. I would like the nod from your esteemed self.

What do you think of the tyres, which ones should I go for there GoodYears are £40 dearer than the Uniroyals.
Goodyear Eagle F1 GSD3 are a popular choice on the forum..
Personally I'd go for 225/45 all round so that you can rotate fo uneven wear rates front/rear, but the 245/40 will look wider under the big 208 rear arches
bolt pack

thanks chris
recieved the bolt pack next day after ordering excellent service ordered & delivered within 24 hrs.
Would these sixe wheels/tyres fit my w202?? I'm not too clever on offsets and the like!


245/40/17 REARS & 225/45/17 FRONTS
You have written tyre sizes, which are appropriate for the 202. Without details of the wheels, I can't confirm compatibility, but it's highly likely given those tyre sizes. Post a link..
245/40/17 REARS & 225/45/17 FRONTS

Looking at Murray Systems PDF at the link at the top of this thread, those are suitable tyre sizes providing that the wheel is a 17x7.5 ET35 or ET37 for the front, and 17x8.5 ET30 or ET34 for the rear.

The ET is the offset. The wheel size - including the offset should be stamped on the wheel.

If you can check the offset is within those dimensions you can be confident there won't be any ill-effects to the handling and free of rubbing on the arches, as the PDF lists valid MB and tuner sizes.

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