Do you check your tyre pressures regularly?

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Sep 26, 2006
I try to monthly.
Whenever I think of it or if a significant change in air temp or if car loading changes.
Not as often as I should, probably monthly or prior to a long journey
As the car is only used as a toy , more or less everytime I go out as it's been sitting or perhaps a few days to a week on end

Depends also if your picking up on any loss of pressure ( slow puncture etc )
Only if they look low...I checked them weekly when i first got the car and they did not lose pressure so whats the point better to spend the checking time on something else like sleep!:thumb:

Weekly - I gotta know they are right.
With runflats I have to. You can't tell by looking at them or by driving on them if they have gone soft.
Every couple of weeks.
Safety and optimum tyre wear are important.
I work the car hard ... Motorway journeys most every day.
Before any high speed driving (e.g. motorway trip), before towing, try to remember to do it monthly approx. if neither of those happen. More often if there's any hint of air loss.
Regularly? yes. Frequently? Maybe ;)
Nowhere near as often as I should, and getting even worse now I have a car with tyre pressure monitoring. :eek:
May be a daft question, but does the tyre pressure warning system alert you to under inflated tyres or just punctures?
Once set at your chosen tyre pressure, if the pressure drops below that by a certain amount it will trigger a warning.

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