Do you have: “Time For Kids?”

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May 5, 2023
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Do you have ‘Time For Kids’​

Some of you already know of an initiative I started earlier this about giving old watches to less fortunate kids.

Through the kindness of some members on other fora I’ve gathered in some old and some brand new watches etc that I give to less fortunate kids in our community so they get to know what a ‘real’ watch is and how to tell the time. The new watches I sell to raise funds to buy lots of cheaper but very good pieces. The joy and gratitude the kids show is a wonderful feeling that makes it all worthwhile.

The local headteacher is delighted to support this and helps find the right kids, managing the good feeling and any jagged remarks of favouritism or displeasure. I remain anonymous!

I’d like to share and extend my “Time for Kids” initiative with all you good people on here if I may, please.

So, I’d like to invite those who can, and have available, to donate to me their analogue watches that they no longer want or can spare - FOC. I don’t have funds to support this, just a spirit of doing some good. It’s not a charity and is simply an act of kindness to kids who maybe don’t have very much.

I’ll happily answer queries openly or by PM for any donations.

A chance for some of us to give back!

Bump and kindly request for any old/unused watch donations, please.

27 youngsters benefitted from this initiative in 2023.


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