Dodgy Key

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Dave Richardson

MB Enthusiast
Oct 14, 2007
Plymstock Plymouth
W176 A class 180 cdi
Som eof you will have read my recent post when my car was recovered to my home from the local supermarket car park where my 220 evo coupe failed to start.

Well it sat outside until Monday, I had spoken with a friend whoa sked if I had dropped my keys or damaged my key in any way & the same friend was coming around with a Lauch 4 something machine to read the codes, I connected up the leads to put some life into the battery & tried to start the car using my wifes key, Bingo it fired up straight away, I later tried my key & it too started the car.

The codes were read & showed no fault, so we assume that the chip inmy key failed to deactivate the immobiliser hence the non start.

Has this happened to anyone else ??


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