Does Pentosin turn yellow?

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Nov 28, 2007
Power steering fluid is low so bought some Febi green stuff from GSF that is supposed to be an alternative to Pentosin.

Before topping up the reservoir I thought I better check the colour of the liquid that's in there and turns out it's yellow. I didn't put the Febi stuff in in case there was standard power steering fluid in there.

Can anyone confirm whether or not Pentosin turns yellow?

Is CF 11 S the right stuff for a 2005 w211?


I had a look at mine when I flushed my ABC fluid and it was definitely more yellow than the fresh stuff. It should say on the cap which fluid you're supposed to top it off with. As long as it's a CHF11S analogue you should be fine.
Cheers, the label on the cap has come off but I confirmed with MB that it should be the green stuff. I was just worried that either that is incorrect or someone had topped it up with ATF.

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