Does the e class cabriolet mist up?

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Apr 14, 2018
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E class cabrio
I’m considering buying a 2012 e class E350 cabriolet.
For many years my wife had a VW EOS with folding hardtop and although an excellent car during the winter months all the insides of the windows misted up necessitating dehumidifying/ moisture absorbent pads under the front and rear screens which was only partially effective.
Would this model have the same issue? Thanks in advance.
My R129 did; my R230 did; my 2007 XK convertible did; my R171 does. I'm inclined to think it goes with the territory.
I did not get any significant misting issues when I had the e class cabriolet.

The w209 cabriolet is a different story...
I have had a E350 CDI convertible 65 Plate since June and I have no issues at all with the windows steaming up.
I also have an Audi A4 convertible which I have had for 7 years and 80k miles and has never had any issues with condensation even now sat outside my mates workshop since June theres no sign of condensation.
My belief would be that if theres evidence of persistent condensation that a drain is blocked or a seal is damaged/displaced.
I've had a SLK and SL neither mist up - I've never owned a car that mists up. Leave your a/c on all year round it dries the air (and also keeps seals on the ac system in good nick).
Mine did initially. I placed a tray of (unused) cat litter in it overnight. Not had a problem since. True story...
Never had a problem with my Boxster.
No, had mine since September and not had any condensation at all. Water in the sills but that's an easy fix though.
I've had two over the last 5 years - never noticed any issues.
Does you car have working air conditioning?!
No problems with my 2011 E350 Cab now sold and no problems with my current E400 Cab.
I do keep AC on permanently. A friend with a 2007 CLS had problems with misting until I suggested she put AC on.

EOS are well known for leaking like hell, VW bought ours back as they couldn’t stop it filling with water.

By contrast our 2012 e cab was always dry and didn’t mist up
Our E does a little in really wet weather and the SLK does a bit more.
When the better weather arrives I'll spend some time cleaning & lubricating the seals.
You could use RainX anti fog on the interior of the glass, and a dehumidifier bag under the seat.
Maybe get the dryer canister on the air in checked?
Not an issue I have had with mine.

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