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    Jan 21, 2003
    GL63 AMG / 190E 2.5-16 / Porsche 911
    Just typed up a mini how-to for a water pump replacement on the M113, and managed to lose it all :doh: :crazy:

    I think the problem was that I started it earlier on, and then when I clicked on preview it came up with an error because I'd logged on since or something :( Something to do with a token or something :eek:

    Oh well - on the bright side it all went very well :cool: Fitted a new water pump to the CLK55 with the invaluable help/assistance/guidance of member 'Mercedes Cozy'. His enthusiasm and experience made a slightly fiddly job seem like a breeze :bannana:

    I wasn't planning on DIY'ing it, but it really needed doing sooner rather than later. No more wobble and now totally quiet, the bearings in the old one had really had it.

    I'll try and drag myself to re-type a few lines of guidance and a couple of pics later on.

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