Door Check Stopper Clicking Noises

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Dec 11, 2015
W203 C200 CDI (OM646)

One of the back doors has very loud clicking noises when opening and closing the door. There are 3 clicks when opening and 3 clicks when closing.

I'm pretty sure the noise is coming from the door check stopper. I've read that some people have fixed this issue by lubricating it with grease. Has anyone here encountered a similar issue? I can't really see the mechanism inside. Should I just squeeze some grease inside? Should I try to aim somewhere specifically?

Secondly, seems like I have to take the door panel apart, in case I end up needing to replace the door stop. Is that right?

Here's what it looks like:


Hi, door check straps are a simple mechanism usually consisting of a spring clamp which grabs a notch on the arm. Just slap some vaseline on the arm and it will be drawn into the mechanism and hopefully quieten it a little. See the pics as examples.... The arrow shows where the clamp grabs the arm on your car and the clamp will close into the groove to hold the door open. The other pic is a typical example of what the clamps look like (This is not a Mercedes unit). Also try tightening the nuts (as seen in your pic) as the top one looks to be loose :D


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The door card would need to come off to replace the check strap assembly, try lubricating it as described but if you cant silence it be prepared to replace it as I have seen on here one or two cars where the check strap has let go and jammed in the door and when closing has tore holes in the outer door skin, though I will say that was on CLK's.
The price of the replacement check strap was in the region of £20-30 from MB so not stupidly expensive you could always get one from a breakers.
The CLK ones are metal so tearing the door skin might not be an issue as yours are plastic but do bare this in mind, as it may do damage to the window mechanism etc if it were to let go.
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As above. Replace before it snaps. I think they are about £30ish. If they break they jam the door and then it is a PITA.

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