Door Check Straps

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Jan 22, 2012
CLK 320 convertable
Hi Guys,

Have clicking door strap on w208, got the vid for trim removal, been looking fleabay for part.
Am I right in that they are univ (left or right) & do the w202 ones fit?

If you see them on ebay ask the seler a question,just scroll down, to the ask seller part on the left side. My w124 are the same left right front back. I would buy original part from mb .I fitted all four to my car doors , Off ebay , and i must say that only one out the four are silent .So next time i wont purchase from the local ebay sellers .I will buy from Mercedes first.Dont try and clean them up and regrease them ,i have, and its a waist of time .Try and get them with a cover over the rear of the strap.You can grease them up, and you wont have to open up the door cards ever again to do them anymore .
Some list them as the same as w202, others say they are not(maybe depends on what they know?)

Meant to ask you were your ones used or new off ebay?

Thanks for your reply.
RZ mine were new . Purchased from ebay i think only £10 new.But i know its possible to open original ones up , and polish the ball bearings ,regrease .And fit back in to the door.Only found this to-day off another forum. More information on this only if you pm me .

Pm sent.

Left and right both the same. It is possible to clean them out and re-grease with fairly thick grease. Do not spray oil (WD40 etc) in under any circumstance as this is what makes them click and eventually lock up with potential damage to the door.

I re-greased all mine years ago and still as smooth as....:cool:

What I did if it may help someone else.

Both doors clicked so bad & loud it was like something was broken.

I gave both a spray/rinse with wd, then sprayed a liberal amount of halfords spray grease, both are totally quiet again.
You need to do them now.The noise is the bang when it opens . Mine had damage inside the door itself as it had been left for some time .The fixing hole had ellongated in the door .I had to fit a washer in their to take up the play. Do get a merc check strap ,aftermarket are not much good in longativity..
do i have to remove doorcards to install new door straps?

on service at stealership i know they sprey door straps with somekind of liquid gunk
if it's wd40 i don't know?

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