Downloading 6500 Phonebook to C Class W204 via Bluetooth

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Jun 10, 2008
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I have a Nokia 6500 Classic which i have successfully paried up to the MB bluetooth. But for some reason i cannot download the contacts from my nokia to the MB phonebook. I also have a Nokia N73 which does work.

Admittedly the software on the N73 is different. With the N73, one it has been paried up i can mark all the entries in my contacts and send them via bluetooth to the MB phonebook.

However when i try this with the 6500, there is no option to mark all contacts, and there is no option to send the contact via Bluetooth. Has anyone had any success with downloading the phonebook from a 6500 classic?
6500 appears to be a Series 40 phone while N73 is a S60 phone. Odd that S40 does not seem to have the option to send the whole phone book at once over BT. You can do it one by one though. Perhaps simpler to use some other phone or copy contacts to a laptop and send them with that.

Odd if the S40 does not download the phone book, with the MB BT adapters S40 usually works better than S60.
this what i did in the end, copy the contact to the N73 and used that to download, but a bit of a pain if i have to update a contact or add a new contact.

It has been a while since i tried downloading the contacts by BT from the 6500, but from what i remember if i chose just the one contact and send it via BT to the MB, it disconnects the BT, while the screen on the MB is in a ready mode to receive contacts.

Anyway, when i get home tonight i will try again and note down what my exact steps, like i said it was quite a while since i done it. Maybe the steps for the 6500 are slightly different from the N73?

the last time i checked (about 2 months ago) i did have the latest firmware running for my 6500.
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