DP Services, East of Ashford, Kent, Garage With Genuine Star/Xentry Found

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Nov 13, 2008
Nr Ashford, Kent
2008 S204 C220CDI Elegance Estate Auto, 2008 R171 facelift SLK280 Auto.
Now that Arrowfleet Services in Cobbs Wood Ashford has closed down, Darren (ex Arrowfleet) has now started work at DP Services on the "old" A20 about 5 miles East (Folkestone side) of Ashford, just before Sellindge and a couple of miles after the Smeeth turning on the left (or leave M20 at 10A and take A20 signpost Folkestone). From the main road it looks like a second hand car sales place, but behind is their large workshop. They specialise in "high end" cars, particularly MB but also Porsche, Audi, BMW as well as others - like Mk 2 Jaguar, Aston Martin etc! I've booked my S204 C220 in for a major service on Monday

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