Dragging rear brake.

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Jul 27, 2023
SL500 R230
I have a SL500 2003. I have changed the front brake discs and pads and the rear pads. Checked all calliper s and pistons working fine. Cleaned handbrake rear drums and shoes. Pumped peddle several times and took it out for a 5 mile test drive. Brakes worked fine but N/S side rear felt very hot. Stripped it all down and checked it over and everything seems fine. Took it out again and same thing again on N/S rear wheel. I did not put the car into SBC mode as didn’t know about it. Thought I would try it and see if it would reset SBC. I must be doing something wrong as every time I go to turn the rear wheel at the end of the process the wheel won’t rotate as it is an automatic.
It only seems to bind when I take the car out on the road or maybe only when engine is running. Any advice before I start hitting the SBC unit with a hammer would be appreciated.

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