Dreaded Brake malfunction mess.


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Feb 10, 2019
Rome, Italy
e320 w211 sw cdi v6
Hello everyone,
Update on my e320 cdi..
I had to change the SBC pressure accumalator because of low pressure and getting the dreaded white warning flash up on the speedo..
Well i changed it using a genuine Bosch component but i'm still getting the same bloody message, white not red though.
The actual pressure is 135Bar on first start up then 155Bar after the pump chimes in a couple of times, according to my Foxwell scanner, i've also changed the brake pedal sensor too.
I'm still getting the same error code that says pressure too low, no codes saying the internal sbc unit is knackered or any other code, just the low pressure one CF241 i think.
The car brakes just fine and there was no need to even bleed the system.
Forgot to add, the internal brake counter was zeroed a few years ago by me and now shows 160.500 brake applications, well below the often quoted 300.000 threshold given by MB.
Any suggestions?
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