Drivers DCM ??

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May 30, 2023
CLK240 (A209)

I've had some issues since I SORN'd my 2004 CLK convertible & the battery went flat. Managed to charge battery but the passenger window
would intermittently lose synch over the past month or so. I was living with this by pulling the associated fuse & then reteaching it however on
Sat I went to put the roof down and the operation stopped midway so closed roof & all ok apart from drivers window wouldnt go up in fact it
wouldnt move at all, this is the 1st time the drivers window has given me grief.

Tried reseating fuses but nothing also noticed boot release not working. I've had the battery disconnected for 2 days & just reconnected it but the
only window I can get to move is the front passenger side, the 2 back windows wont operate from their respective switches & nothing operating from
the drivers 4 way switch. From searching is it work looking a ta drivers door control module ?

I havent pulled the door card yet so that'll be my next step. Any assistance greatly appreciated,


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