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Jul 11, 2013
Mercedes c220d cabriolet
I need some help pref with pics on how to remove driver front door handle on the outside. it looks like it is in 2 parts, the handle then another part with keyhole and sensor for remote windows closure.

paint on handle has flaked off and got a quote for £30 to sand it back and repaint it, been told I'll get a better finish if I can get it off.

Found some info on the net but nothing with clear instructions/ pictures.
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Thanks, but there's nothing for w204 front door, I found rear door removal which is different from front door.

I want to know what i need to do before I start.
Most MB handles are the same so this might help.

See post #9 here: Help with 215 CL500 keyless door handle button - Mercedes-Benz Owners' Forums

The handle is in 2 parts, as you say. Once the screw behind the trim is loosened, gently wiggle the keyhole/sensor part straight out and then pull the rear of the main handle part slightly away from the car and slide it towards the rear of the car. On re-assembly, the front part of the handle is inserted first then it's a reverse of the above.

The wires at the front of the handle are only fitted on cars with Keyless Go.
update removed handle had it painted by a local smart repair guy. I refitted it.

Before and after pics attached, not sure if I could put his details on here as I'd highly recommend him on price and quality


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Looks really good, it's the little things isn't it !.:thumb:
sure is especially when the rest of the car is perfect

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