DRL lights Mercedes vito

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Mar 18, 2023
Hi , I done the facelift conversion to a Mercedes Vito 639. I bought the harness from the Kabeldaviko, I connected the two wires on SAM on pin 18 and 19 but the DRL are not working and I noticed that on the two cables I have only 5V. Any idea? My car is a Mercedes Vito 639 from 2008 and the front lights are halogen and the new ones are halogen two. Any advice?
Thank you
On the later 639 the DRL's are switched via the dash menu, that option would only become available if you upgraded the clocks and SAM I would have thought.
So any solution for DRL to working ? To find the wire that come from position on old harness and to connect them on that wire instead to connected to pin 18 and 19?
But I have this error as well and I don’t know what component is faulty
Thank you
As a simple solution you could pick up the feed to the front ciggy lighter.
That's live when ignition is on.
But the DRL's should extinguish or dim when side lights are switched on, so really running the DRL's through a relays n/c contacts that are caused to go o/c when the lights are on would do it.
If the DRL's are within 300mm of the indicators they should also extinguish as you indicate. A dedicated DRL relay is needed for that. There are a few types available on ebay, but not all operate as you require.
But would not be ok to connect to the wire that normal will come to position light on the old lamp? Any idea why is coming this error? Component E1/6e3 from component E1/e3 come?
Thank you

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