Droopy louver!

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Apr 5, 2011
West London, UK
S350, & E320 CDI Estate Avantgarde
Hi all, I have a 210 with a droopy louver in my centre dash vent, I am sure I can fix the louver once I get the unit out of the dash!! Any help most welcome, does it just pull out or are there fixings, dash holding it in…

J :cool:
It looks like a small bit of plastic in the middle of my dash has defeated the collective cerebral might of our 50k+ membership, and me! :D
LOL! Hi Mercsys
Yea I think the droopy louvre is age-related! Between you an me, I've suffered from this too... Mine was driver's side. I was able to gently lever from the side with a small screwdriver (mine are pivoted at the sides) and put a small bit of black insulation take at the side the create a little resistance and not my louvre stays up!! Winner! :)
I thought this going to be a post about that classic Phil Collins / Phil Bailey song...


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