Drop Link Change Clk W209

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Feb 27, 2014
C350 V6 Coupe, ML300, Slk 200K
Can any one advise if this is an easy job to do, could I do it at home or is best left to a garage, Picking up the new links this afternoon. I am thinking that its just a case of unbolting the old and putting in the new.

are any special tools needed ?

Advice please.

Very straight forward. You will need a 16mm spanner and a 7mm socket. Lube the threads first before undoing them.
Thanks for the advice, getting home in about an hour and thinking of having a go my self. You don't know if it's a star type socket or just a normal socket I need. As when my farther did the anti roll bar bushes a star socket was needed.

Just my luck, got home and no 16mm spanner in my box. I have to wait until tomorrow now.
Mole grips and a 16mm socket to hand? You might be able to do it that way.
Mole grips and a 16mm socket to hand? You might be able to do it that way.

Thanks for that but I have not got one of them as well, only up to 15mm

Trip to Halfords when the wife gets home, so frustrating have to wait in with the kids and wanted to get this done.

Why don't Spanner sets come with a 16mm the one in mine mine jumps from 15 to 17 and having a quick look on the net the sets in Halfords seem to do the same.

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