DTE chip tuning module

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Jul 30, 2004
Rijeka, Croatia
C class 220cdi ,DTE chip module
Hi there.

A few weeks ago I did install DTE module on my CD220cdi. People claiming 25 HP more on this engine. And I think they are right :bannana: . The MB is now more responsive and you can feel imidiately thst added power.
Any other users with same mod?



Hi there

Croatian dealer sell and install it for 590 Euro.
In Germany , I beleive it is around 500 Euro.
If stop working you just put, insted of module, witch is on end of spliter cable, bypass plug. Waranty is 12 months , and they also give 3 years waranty on engine and gearshift if you prove damage is caused by their modification.

Best regards.
Dear Sir
The place to install is in the enginecompartement, directly on the railpressure sensor.
The set comes with an manual with pictures on it, the complete set is very easy to
install and is done within 10 minutes. Cost 599 Euro.

Best regards

,Patrick J.J.M. van Drunen


It's an answer I've got for question about my E270CDI W211.
Time ti install

It realy is 5 - 10 min job.
Remove the plastic cover using hexagonal key. Then remove the cable and attach another. Connect the small aluminium box on the end. Finish.

the information and after support of DTE is very bad, not any information about the maps and their powercurves they programmed in the package. Only installation manual, I asked for a TUV paper a few months ago (the A180 has TUV), I still didn't get it...

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