Ducktail much are they to buy secondhand?

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Jun 7, 2007
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I'm looking for a Ducktail spoiler at the moment and wonder what I would expect to pay for one secondhand, both for a real AMG one or fake kit, should they exist.

That's if I can find one!

Firstly...apologies for the awful grammar in the title! I was on the phone, eating a sandwich and typing with one finger...I must set aside quality time for MBClub!
Edited for you ;)

The ducktails are reasonably rare to find on ebay. Don't be surprised if you have to pay over £200 for one. There was a company called Erebuni that made replicas for £130 but I think they've ceased production.

Also be careful that you find the right one as the Saloon and Coupe ones are different.
Thanks for the Edit! Would you like a part time job checking all emails and letters that I write for work!

I will have a good search around for one...I assume that the AMG ones are stamped 'AMG' somewhere?
The non AMG ones usually have AMG stamped on them too :)
Also...if I find on in a scarp yard (unlikely I know!) easy are they to remove? Are they screwed on or glued? And is it worth getting a fake if I find one like my friends?
It'll be glued on so unlikely you'll be able to get it off without damage.
i had these on my W124 i sold. i looked at removing them prior to selling it (as i doubt they made any difference to the resale), but they were glued on.
I'm sure they come off with a bit of carefully cutting and fiddling!

problem i had was that i was concerned that if i pulled it off it would lift the paint.
Having the AMG logo on the ducktail (or any other body part for that matter) has no correlation to authenticity. AMG made almost all their parts in homolgated and non-homolgated versions. The key to authenticity is having the AMG part number stamped on the part. Note, that some ducktails for the w124 did not have 'AMG' engraved but came with a stick on '///AMG' badge. You can still get these from MB dealership, set costs circa 400 gbp.

The AMG part number on the ducktail is stamped on the inner body of each of the 3 pieces and starts with 'C788....' on the earlier versions. Late version are all HWA 124 part numbered. I don't believe a ducktail was made for the facelift w124 though, at least i haven't seen one that works on the facelift bootlid.

Getting these off a car without damage to the original bodywork will be nigh impossible if the item was fitted properly in the first place.


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