Dust in headlight unit

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Feb 17, 2011
United Kingdom
2013 W212 CDI SE
Hi all

I changed the main beam bulbs in my car today and upon putting the bulbs back in and cap back on I noticed a bit of dust had gone into the headlight unit, it doesn't rest on the reflector parts thankfully but one piece is fairly big and sitting on the black part.

Is there anyway to get it out?

Would compressed air work or ideally get a vacuum?
Thanks Bruce,

On inspection tonight with the lights on I do see some is actually on the reflector!

Would this impact light output?
I would not imagine any impact on output or pattern. A good scoot of air should blow it away.

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There is that but I'm more concerned if it blows more or it moves the debris to a more obvious place?
It won't affect the light pattern or output, unless this bit of dust is postage stamp sized.

If it's air from a compressor, it'll have input air filters, so you'll be flooding the unit with clean air, and displacing the dusty air. Aerosol compressed air obviously won't have any dust in it either.

I think you're worrying over a bit of dust far too much. I've got a spider in one of my rear lights, and ironically, a fly in the other one!
Easy just done the one in my car .But the dirt was dry paint that had come fron the defector in the centre, the cup that sits just in front of the bulb .As it gets hot the finish is damaged over time. Get the vac and fit a smal bore pipe inside head light from bulb location .Small enough to fish it in to the headlight ,them suck away.

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