DVLA car tax refunds

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Jan 23, 2005
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I changed my car recently, and discovered that when a taxed car is traded in the dealer can no longer reclaim the tax. The keeper must do it.

So I got the relevant form 14, filled it in, taped the old tax disk to it and sent it off. At the same time, I also filled in the section of the V5C telling DVLA that I no longer had the car - and a couple of days later received an acknowledgement that I was no longer considered the keeper.

Today, almost a month later I got a letter from DVLA telling me that they couldn't process my refund. Turns out that one letter of my surname was wrong on the V5C and therefore didn't match the spelling I'd given on the refund form. When I rang DVLA to clarify why the refund had been stopped, I was told that there were new rules regarding tax refunds and that the relevant paperwork had to be letter perfect or it would not be processed.

So - beware - check and double check everything going to and coming from DVLA to ensure there are no mistakes, omissions, mis-spellings or anything else that could cause the wheels to grind to a halt.

This 'oversight' could cost me £150 if DVLA won't reprocess my claim, which to me seems an expensive penalty for a mis-spelling that was not my doing - although I should have checked and had it corrected. How many of us check our V5Cs for character perfection though ? I do now - you should too.

It's great that they can send you a letter saying you can't have your own money. How do they know it's gone to the right person if spelling is such an issue to them? Perhaps you could ask them.

They are VERY strict on tax refunds now.. If you had sent the form back with the wrong spelling you would have been ok.

However, you will get this sorted. We had a similar issue recently and a couple of emails to an intelligent human and it was sorted.
DVLA refunds

Yes I did ask and it's to combat fraud, although I don't quite see how pedantry about spelling helps that cause. I was also told that it's the keeper's responsibility to check the V5C and his/her fault if there are subsequent problems.

It's interesting to note that there is an e mail address to contact DVLA - that's not published as far as I can see in any of their literature. I'd appreciate a PM with that info.

I'll post the results of my claim - but I'm told it could take 'several weeks' - presumably because I've now gone to the bottom of the pile again. I'm also not sure how much refund I'll be entitled to - from the original date, from the date of the corrected claim or from the date the corrected claim is processed. The difference could be quite a lot of money.

Just keep in mind that for all their "high handedness" you are still the paying customer and they are still a supplier of services.
I would forget the email; just write them a polite letter explaining the circumstances and politely ask them to make the refund available to you asap.
I spoke to someone and they gave me their email address. It was a DVLA address but his own.. so you need to speak to someone and they will supply the relevant email address.
Things seem to get done a LOT quicker by email.
Full refund !

Got a cheque yesterday. Full amount with no reduction because the refund process has been stalled and restarted.

There is just one minor hitch though - despite having to make a declaration to DVLA of the correct spelling of my name, the refund was addressed to the wrong spelling ! You do have to wonder why they make you jump through these hoops to get your own money back, then ignore the information they have told you must be provided. Especially since the reasons for needing the corrected spelling were 'to ensure we give the refund to the right person, and avoid problems cashing the cheque'. Hmm ! Good job I'm me then, eh ?

In case it might help anyone else in this position in future, I'll offer two bits of advice:

Firstly, if your V5C is wrong, make sure the 'error' is repeated on the refund claim form - letter for letter. It seems in this case, two wrongs do in fact make a right !!!

Secondly, if you do get a letter back requesting a declaration of corrected information, do phone them to check exactly what they want, but don't post it back to them, fax it to them at 01792783002. This seems to be acted on more quickly.

Better yet, check your V5C - now.

Hey geoffd thanks for the tip, came to late for me though, I recently bought a private number plate from DVLA and bought it and my own name (spelt correctly) the guy I bought it miss spelt my name on his part of the change of details for the result was a extra £80 transfer fee. I failed to see how this was my fault but not much I could do

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