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Jan 21, 2005
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Did a quick search and couldn't find anything on this already.

Come across a handy tool for checking first date of registration, CO2 emissions, and road tax rate.

Particularly useful when looking for cars registered in 2006, that may fall into Band G. The difference in road tax makes a difference to the value of the car, and may become more significant next year with the Band G increase to £400pa.

Go to: www.vehiclelicence.gov.uk

Select Vehicle Enquiry (fourth button down on left hand side)

Select Next

Type registration number and select vehicle make when prompted.

It returns the following details:

Date of Liability
Date of First Registration
Year of Manufacture
Cylinder Capacity (cc)
CO2 Emissions
Fuel Type
Export Marker
Vehicle Status
Vehicle Colour
Vehicle Type Approval
Vehicle Excise Duty Rate for vehicle: 6/12 Months Rate
there are some vehicle makes from the past on the drop down list! And some not there (James is, Jowett isn't)....

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