e 220 estate 2012 boating

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May 19, 2015
e220 estate
hi all

how should the above car feel suspension wise , mine is fairly boaty and i was just wondering
A does the sport mode just adjust the rev range or does it stiffen the suspension?
B whats the best way to stiffen the ride up/

several kids have nearly thrown up in the car and i just want to stop having to carry sick bags.
ta in advance.
The sport mode in non AMG cars hold on to the gears longer and seems to make the changes slicker.

I always drive my car (E350) in sport mode.

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The E / S button on the centre console just changes the gearbox gear change.

Do you have Airmatic or just self-levelling rear suspension?

I assume you mean that it wallows.

I have a 2011 E220 S212 Estate with SLS and haven't found that it wallows.

Maybe check your tyre pressures.

I set the tyre pressures towards the high end of the scale that Merc state on the inside of the fuel flap. That gives the car a firm ride (maybe even too firm).

If it isn't the tyre pressures check the shocks.
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Following - I too have a 2012 W212 E220 Estate which is like driving a barge at times - I am ok with it but the wife says she feels sick on long journeys. SLS on mine.
my wife and youngest one (5) get dizzy in long journeys too. there's not a lot you can do. the modes just change the revs on the gearbox, does not make the ride better or sportier. in town I use normal, out on motorway or A/B roads I use sport.

the least expensive way is go slow through corners, i have learnt this thing is built for smooth german autobahn only. in hindsight i should have got an SE instead of AMG sport. The expensive way would be to buy a BMW :D

By the way, are you talking about people sitting in the rear facing seats in the 7 seater version ?

My previous E220 Estate was a 7 seater which was great for ferrying kids locally but my kids felt sick on any long runs especially on windy country roads.
You will have airmatic rear suspension with adaptive dampers- sounds as if the adaptive dampers or their control electronics aren't working?
explanation here of adaptive dampers on a VW but principle the same. Normally if the airmatic [springs] aren't working you will get a warning on the dash or the rear of the car will visibly sag on one side or both

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