E Bay Heads Up Display Unit

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Dave Richardson

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Oct 14, 2007
Plymstock Plymouth
W176 A class 180 cdi
Yes and it was crap, you can also get a smartphone app where you leave the phone on the dad and you can see the reflection.

All of the above only work at night
Tried one (with larger white speed digits), put it back on eBay shortly thereafter.

Few reasons: firstly - too gimmicky, lit up like a christmas tree, had to cut an ABS plastic cover to block everything, but speed reading (was still showing up through carbon wrap); second - didn't like the reflecting sticker - looks cheap, and without it even large digits show a double image. Then the unit would have to go under the dash, as I can't stand bits and wires on my dashboard (which would have resolved the blanking plate requirement), but the controls and, more importantly, light sensor would then be unreachable/blocked.

Decided it's not worth the bother in the end ... the good thing is someone on eBay thought it was worth nearly £20 more than I paid for it new :dk:

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