E Class coupe 2014 Aftermarket Wheels

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Jul 26, 2013
Hi MB folks,

I'm considering replacing my OEM alloy wheels with aftermarket ones. The new alloys look fantastic, but my concern is that they are wider than the originals. To accommodate them, I would need larger bolts and new tyres. Car is currently on 235/35 R19 front and rears are 255/30 R19. New alloys are Front 245/35 and Rear 275/30,

The reason for the change is that the OEM wheels have reached their limit for diamond cuts, and some may need reshaping to be perfectly round (Slight vibration). Instead of spending money on getting the wheel perfect I'm looking for replacing them.

For those who have experience with upgrading to wider aftermarket wheels, what are the potential downsides of this change?

Thank you for time.
You won't need larger/longer bolts. But you will probably need different bolts. Mercedes O.E bolts are Dome shaped. Aftermarket wheels are almost certainly Tapered. Should get bolts with new alloys anyway. 🙂👍
Wider tyres as you will find are more expensive than the tyres you currently run.
As above, make sure you use the correct bolts if not supplied with the new alloys.

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