E Class W213 Audio 20, Tidal, sat nav and other bits


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Oct 1, 2019
Mercedes E220D W213

First post and I'm asking a lot of questions so apologies in advance.

I bought a pre-reg E220D on a 19 plate a couple of month ago. It has the Audio 20 system but also has the 2 large displays, touchpad etc.

Mercedes Me has been setup and I can access the car's data from my phone and remotely unlock / lock etc. I've got a couple of things that don't seem quite right though and hoping someone can help me out.

1. No weather data appears on the sat nav map. The box for weather is ticked but it never shows anything (this isn't a big issue - just strange)

2. On the screen in front of the driver, should I be able to get the map to show instead of the rev counter? I can get sat nav directions in the area between the two dials but no map.

3. I've signed up for the free year of Tidal streaming. I can't find access to this anywhere in the cars menus. I can install the app on my phone and use it that way but all the info I can find suggests I should be able to access it direct from the car?

4. Apple carplay doesn't appear to be enabled. I've got the USB port with the icon in the centre console - is this something that's easy to enable?

Thanks in advance



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Sep 27, 2007
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So I have a 2017 S213 (the estate version) but I have Comand so this might not help you, but .....

1. The only time I see any weather symbols on the map are when I zoom out so fat that most of the UK is visible. Personally I think it's just a gimic?

2. I don't believe I can get the map there, only the map directions that you see. Not sure if they've changed it since my model? I can change the looks of the 'dials' but no map.

3. No idea what Tidal Streaming is.

4. I have Apple carplay and Android auto, but I seem to remember a post that suggested it was optional on the Audio 20 system (or maybe this is just a rumour I've started)?

Sorry I can't be any more help. No doubt someone will


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Tidal is accessed either via the app on the phone, or carplay if you have it.

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