E Class W213 interior mirror rattle

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Jun 24, 2021
220d Estate AMG W213
Hello everyone,

Would like to share with you the following issue:

I’ve got a slightly odd and annoying rattle in my 2017 W-213 220d Estate that drives me crazy. Initially thought it was coming from the sunglasses holder but found out it is from the rear view mirror itself.
If I gently press my finger on, it stops. I’ve even put a chunk of black rubber within it and the roof plastic cover where it hangs out, but small improvement. The noise hasn’t completely disappeared.

Looks like there’s kind of a lose part inside the auto dim mirror, within the glass and the housing, which vibrates depending on the roughness of the road and the problem is that it vibrates mostly at normal travel speeds so, between 70 to +120 km/h, from country roads without potholes, up to highway.

I run on 20’ AMG wheels, but I believe this vibration should not happen, because the car is smooth (considering the AMG Line settings, of course).

I’ve also heard that, if the mirror is removed for fixing or replacement, the front cameras must be reset, so this is something that cannot be done at home. Is it true?

If anyone else has experienced this problem, any comments are much appreciated.

Thanks and greetings from Spain. L.
It can be the little twistable light covers coming loose, see if they are and tighten them.

To take the mirror off you have to remove the little cover near the mirror base just clips out, then the camera cover which slides down, be careful it doesn't slip out your hand.
next is the overhead consul, this is a pig to take out but an old credit card will help to unclip near the sunroof side, its quiet tough. once removed unclip and the plugs and then get a spanner to the mirror base and twist 45" and it will pop off.

rubbish about recalibrating the camera as you won't touch the camera itself.

found a s class video which is the same method

Mirror removal
Thanks alot, Alps. See what the heck is coming out. :)

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