E200K 2001 auto, W210, ECU fan

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Apr 21, 2007
Dublin, Ireland
Merc E200 Auto
Had a problem that ESP, BAS,ABS lights came on and car was stuck in one gear. When I stopped I put into PARK but then I could not engage gear except using the pencil to manually do it. Turned engine off and it would not start again - would not even turn engine over. Was told by a Merc specialist that a fuse would be blown in the ECU box which would need replacing - he was spot on. I am told there is a small fan under the ECU box that needs to be replaced - any idea what is involved in doing this job?

This is the fan that has failed. Any idea where I can get one - Main Dealer wants €180:eek: . No luck at scrap yards so far. It just screws onto side of the ECU box at the bottom.
Part No. 2105450595

PA66-GF20-GB10 is written on the casing of it.

It also says TYP RV40-18/12GU-013 13.2V

Any help much appreciated
To update this (ancient) thread I had the same problem on my 2001 E430T coming back from Cornwall last week.

About 1hr into our journey the ABS/BAS lights came on so I pulled into the next lay-by perhaps expecting a puncture to have triggered the ABS sensor. A visual tyre check confirmed no obvious puncture and the brake lights were working as normal. I went to restart the car to continue the journey home but the engine would not turn over, ignition lights etc were fine but I then noted that the gear lever was locked in Park. I checked the fuses I knew about in the engine (main fusebox), dashboard (end panel) and under the rear seat but found them all OK. Out of ideas I called the RAC.

The RAC chap performed the same brakelight switch and fuse checks before checking against his portable (laptop PC) fault database. He found a similar fault previously recorded by a colleague where the ECU fan fuse (10A), located in the large plastic box on the other side of the engine bay to the main fuse box, had blown. He checked, it had! He replaced the fuse and the car started first time. He gave me a few spare fuses to try to ensure I could get the 200 miles to home but the car made it without further incident. It has also been fine since.

So was this ECU fan fuse failure related to the ABS/BAS error or completely co-incidental?


Thanks for the info - I'll be alert for something insane like this happening to my vehicle.
It's annoying the lengths the electronics engineers go to control us.

I'm trying to disable the same fan in my fuse box, or just hook it up to the wire that is live only when the ignition is on - it runs almost constantly and flattens the battery about once a week.

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