E211 E320 parking aid faulty?

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mr tibbs

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Jun 19, 2013
Desborough, Northants
S211 E320 Estate
Morning all.
In the last few days the parking aid on our 2005 E320 has been playing up. When driving below about 7-8 mph the two front indicators on the dash top come on along with a bing bong kind of sound. When in reverse the lights in the roof do not come on and there is no operation of the sensors when close to an external object.
Can anyone offer any help / advise please?
Kind regards

One or more sensors have failed, probably on the front. Get the car on STAR to pinpoint which one(s).
Just as the learned member above has said

you'll be replacing them all one by one !
I had the same problem and ended up changing
3 censors, 2 front on the edges and 1 rear centre .
Well, the sensors are working well again, just as they should and as they did last week....


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