E220 Cdi (W211) acceleration problem


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Nov 27, 2015
C220d AMG Premium Line Plus (2018)
This problems relates to a 2009 E220Cdi (the model just before the model change that year) with 68,000 miles on the clock.

A few months ago, after about 100 miles of country motoring, the car failed to accelerate although the engine produced increased revs. I was travelling at 50 mph at the time.

After a stop over the problem seemed to disappear, although on the return journey there appeared to be some mild hesitation when the throttle was applied.

There was no further problem until today. After a run of 150 miles, when I got back into town, it became difficult to get the car to move off from traffic lights, and when I got home it didn't want to reverse. Again, a restart got it going.

I've heard that the electric plate is prone to failure on this model from north of 60,000 miles, but I'm sure there are other possibilities.

Any ideas welcome as ever.

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