E220 Coupe W124 Retro VIP

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Neither a pimp or a drug dealer..

I bought that car last night, never pimped a woman in my life!

Way too low for central London though - getting it back on original springs next week but concerned its not going to look right with those rims - any thoughts?
If the body work is as good as they say and it's okay mechanically wise, then take it back to the original spec and try to sell the modifications. That's my opinion.
Cheers boss, as I say concerned the bigger springs are going to look a bit odd with those rims but its better than ruining the underside.

I did pay more than £2300 though - bad times
Post some pictures once youve made the adjustments fezbwoy. I personally think those wheels look fantastic. It's always nice to have a something a little different to the norm.
wheels r nice if u want a set of clk wheels to exchange with i am game

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