E280 2007 Poly v belt change. Om642

Discussion in 'Engine' started by e280x, May 30, 2017.

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    So I’m looking to replace the poly v belt. Has anyone come across a guide for this on the E class.
    I’ve tried looking around and come across some for the same engine but in different Model Mercs.

    By looking at it the procedure seems to be:

    -Remove the dual air intake Y piece.
    Part 130 in the below diagram

    -Remove metal push fit air pipe Part 100 in above diagram

    -This metal pipe runs around to the front of the engine and in to this muffler / shock absorber type cylindrical device which is attached to the engine and it seems like the poly v belt runs through this so It has to be detached from the engine.

    (Does anyone know what this actually does and do I need to take it off completely or just undo bolts attached to the engine and pull away so I can have access to the belt?)

    -Locate tensioner and use a long spanner or ratchet handle to loosen the belt

    Carrying out the above procedure should release the belt and I should be able to refit in reverse. Does this sound correct or have I missed anything?

    Appreciate any guidance on this. : )
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    Hi mate did this job the other week. 1) is to remove the y piece of the turbo three jubilee clips and two plugs from the mag sensor. 2) unbolt the turbo outlet pipe metal section there's a 13mm bolt in mine might be an e10 original one 3) unbolt the two e10 headed bolts holding the plastic section of the turbo resonator off 4) unclip the rubber section of the turbo pipe from the resonator section, either lifting up with a flathead or take the clip off completely. Move the turbo rubber pipe to one side out of the way. Pull the metal section from the turbo Id recommend a new rubber o ring and they tend to split easily. 5) remove the plastic resonator section. Can be difficult to get past the coolant pipe, I removed the coolant pipe from the thermostat housing, again a lift up clip and pull out you'll lose a little coolant but not a lot. 6) Turn the tensioner anti clockwise with an appropriate sized spanner needs to be long there's quite a bit of tensioner it only has to move a few mm to remove enough tensioner then lock it off by putting a Allen key or similarly sized object into the lock off hole on the tensioner. 7) Remove the belt 8) check plastic idlers for play and damage replace if necessary 8) route the new belt it can be a little tight to get it through some of the pulleys and they're close together, make. A tip is the ribbed sections go on the ribbed pulleys and the flat part of the belt loops back over the flat rollers. Make sure you've got all the ribs over each of the accessory drive pulleys correctly. 9) turn the tensioner anti clock wise and pull your locking implement out. 10) turn the crank pulley over by hand and ensure the belt runs freely and is sitting on the pulleys. Replace turbo pipework. O ring goes over the turbo inlet first then you push the pipe over and tighten the bolt back up. Make sure the snap on clips has secured correctly on the turbo and coolant pipes.

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